About Me


I'm Joy

I love stories, and the best stories are always the ones you haven't heard before. The best way to hear new stories is to talk to new people, in new places about things you didn't know could be asked about until you did.

I grew up listening to my dad's stories of his time spent sailing around the world working for cruise ships, now I'm determined to find stories of my own.

I went to university to learn more about the stories that ancient Europe grew up on. It hasn't helped me find an income yet, but I'm so much richer for doing it. I'm a history fanatic, I love knowing as much as I can about the places I go and I think knowing the history of a place can only ever add to it's allure. I grew up in Liverpool, and I've lived in Canada and Scotland since then. Sooner or later I'll get around to writing those stories down. I spent the last two years living on a ship and cruising around Northern Europe, now I'm  searching for my next adventure.

These are my stories, my experiences, of being out there in the world. I hope you like them.


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