I've Possibly Gone Entirely Mad

It's London Marathon Day, I am watching the incredible scenes of humanity triumphing over despair and selfishness and nipple chaffing, and I am jumping on the bandwagon!

This year, in July, for reasons I'll go into another time, I am going to complete a Triathlon (sort of).

I will be cycling 100 miles from Liverpool to Chester and back again. I am going to the Lake District to swim 1 mile around Derwent Water. Finally, I shall be staggering running 13.1 miles around Snowdon. (Memo to self: take note of all those active, affirmative, doing words. Think positive, get it done)

Technically I think you're supposed to do all three in the same afternoon for it to actually be a triathlon, but that's how the professionals do it and I'm not even a competent amateur (to date 10k is the furthest I've run and I actually can't remember the last time I went swimming as opposed to "let's go splash in the water"). 

I can't really call myself a budding triathlete since spreading them out over an entire month feels like cheating, I'm more a triathcheat you might say (#triathcheat is now my thing since y'know #branding).

Last year was awful, 2016 wasn't a great one for many people but mine was truly shocking and it left me stuck in a limbo of not knowing what I even wanted to work towards. Eventually I decided to try and heal my soul by improving my body: going outside made me happy, exercise helped me sleep and having a goal gives me a reason to keep doing it. 

Fitness is a different kind of adventure for me, seeing how far I can push myself rather than how far I can go on a plane, but I'm trying to live the idea that adventure is a mindset.

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