- Going Around The Bend -

I love Boppard, I loved most of the places we sailed to, but arriving at Boppard made me smile evry time. Boppard is a small town in the Rhine Gorge, the Rhine Gorge being the most dramatic part to sail through with ruggard cliffs, rapids, and fairytale castles. So whenever we go to Boppard I'm already having a good day because the moving pictures outside the windows are good to look at.

Boppard is on a bend in the river and that made it very complicated to park at, so we'd make noises about how clever the Captain was being today to do such a good job. I've no real idea how accurate that is, having never sailed a ship nor attempted to park it on the bend of a river, but bigging up the Captain was an important side line of my job.

There are other things to talk about, the promenade is flower festooned (I know I've already said that, but I read in a guide book and it made me giggle and now I can't thinking of Boppard any other way), there's a year round Christmas shop, and a chair lift. What I didn't realise until  I rode the chair lift to the top was that Boppard isn't on just any bend, it's on the absolutely shocking hairpin bend that looks exactly like one of the illustrations from my GCSE geography text book detailing how an Oxbow lake is formed.

The chair lift is magnificent, with the river on your right walk along the promenade until you start to see signs for the "Sessellift", it carries you up over some vineyards and then onto a forest trail, then it just keeps going. Do not take this ride if you're in a rush- chairlifts aren't exactly known for being high adreneline rides but this one takes nearly 25 minutes to go one way.

If for whatever reason you don't want to look down, don't worry you've got views either side that made me wish my chair came with a pause button so I could just float there and enjoy them for longer.

When you get to the top, you have walk off into the woods- there is a sort of path and a very small sign in German- and find the pub. From there you have the clear views of the actually giant loop itself.

Obligatory selfie.

You can walk or mountain bike down. I suppose theoretically you could even get up that way, but why would you when someone's gone to the trouble of installing a perfectly good chairlift? I did spot this pair who it took me a while to realise weren't just incredibly safety concious...


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