Better than Lush- Beauty in Chefchaouen

I don't like Lush. There I said it. I haven't been struck down by the angry shock of a million beauty bloggers (yet) so I'll carry on.

To me, everything in Lush smells the same and it all smells artificially overdone. I love the concept of Lush: natural beauty and skin care, minimal packaging, cruelty free. Fantastic. Unfortunately I've just never felt it delivered on it's potential. (Also, they're obsessed with putting lavender in things and I'm allergic to it, so that's a big black mark against them.) chefchohen morocco lush natural beauty

Morocco is full of places selling natural skin care, it's the best place in the world to get Argan Oil, you can go and visit the villages where they grind the seeds by hand to extract the oil. Buy it directly from them and you know it's pure, nothing watered down with baby oil  and unnecessary perfumes.

In Chefchaouen I found an amazing space, it's what Lush wants to be, it's what Lush is trying (too hard) to be. I walked in and melted into a pool of giggly girlishness who was excitedly sniffing everything within reach while the poor current Mr Harpy trailed after me rolling his eyes. Morroco smells great anyway; well, so long as you're not too close to a donkey! Everything is poured and measured by hand, the upper level doubles as a work shop and you can watch them making everything. All the bits and pieces hanging down make it feel like an Aladins cave of exotic spices and the odd little coloured windows stuck in here and there and to the magical feeling.

It's a fantastic place to just go in and wander, unlike so many places in Morocco they won't bother you and try and push for sales. They just let you get on with shopping, making up your mind and being nosey. Everything smelt incredible, good enough to eat, fantastic. It's the perfect place to pick up souvenirs, you can buy collections of soaps and they wrap them up with pot pourri and cellophane, which not only makes them look extra impressive it helps protect them in your suitcase on the trip back.


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